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Donald XL Roberson at the SSL at Paramount Recording Studio Los Angeles CA




Whats up! #TeamXLP, Today I wanted to discuss how I work on my mixes, after I arrange the tracks in the Daw’s sequencer, and the song structure is all mapped out, I like to mute everything and focus on one section at a time.  Now to each its own, you can start with whatever you like, I personally like to start with the drums.  I usually balance my gain and set my fader level and get my kick & snare banging.  Once I know I got the drums eq’d and  balanced, I’ll group them and mute them, then I’ll start un-muting the main melody adjusting the pans and reverb settings, I’ll A B the fader level solo, and then add the grouped drums, and I repeat this process until I’ve touched every track.  I do know if you work to long on a mix you can loose your original feel, believe it or not you are closer than you think to the mix the first pass, a lot of times we second guess the mix and thats where the problem starts, ear fatigue and doubt set in, so what I do to avoid this is, I leave the studio and grab lunch, or if I’m working from home, I watch tv, wash dishes, iron clothes, talk on the phone etc… after a couple of hours I come back to the session and now it’s like  I’m hearing the record for the first time. Now that my ears are reset, every sound is clear, as far as making the final adjustments its much easier now.  I don’t recommend working on a record straight, always break it up into pieces, the overall song feels better, and you’re ears will appreciate it.  Give this method a try and let me know how it works for you, what do you think about spending some time doing other things in-between your mix, let me know.  If you have not subscribed to the XLP youtube channel please do that (click here) and go hardcore Trap beats on those like buttons. I’m on all social media follow me on Facebook, twitter, Instagram & SoundCloud. #TeamXLP


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