The Making of BxSS M∆CHINE


BxSS M∆CHINE Cover Design by: Donald XL Robertson

Whats Up!  #TeamXLP, Today I wanted to talk to you about the latest track I produced and uploaded to my YouTube channel & SoundCloud page, called "Bxss M∆chine" pronounced (Bass Machine).  I composed & arranged the entire track in Reason 8, I really enjoyed the workflow, and seamless integration with my Akai MPD32 midi controller, the block mode feature in Reason is a great tool for sequencing a song, if you haven't tried it yet I suggest you give it a shot.  Bxss M∆chine is named after one of my favorite 80's records, "Bass Machine" by T-La Rock & Mantronix, even though my record doesn't sound anything like their hip hop classic, I just wanted to pay homage to the guys who inspired me as a music producer. So lets talk about the music arrangements, I wanted to set a tone with the piano, easing the listener into a tranquil state, the chords are simple and easy to listen to, as the intro moves forward, the cords are slowly faded away, and a menacing synth & piano are added to cause disruption and tension to what started out so peaceful and tranquil.  Risers are another tool you can use to further increase tension in your production, you can hear the one I used, slowly building up, adding more tension and anxiety to the track, then a snare is introduced, it's also building up and right at the height of the entire build, I drop the bass and hi hats, now the track is in this Trap styled arrangement.  The high hats are very important to a track, because they add to the flavor, hi hats are equivalent to the salt you add to a plate of bland food. It's all about timing and feel, let me explain what I mean, normally I'd tap out a 1/16 hi hat and quantize it, my beats are in 4/4 time and thats it, but thats not enough in todays world of production, hi hats and every other instrument have to move and be entertaining.  So my approach when arranging my instruments, is to imagine that I only play the one instrument I'm arranging at the time, I'll try new ways to flip the  arrangements and create a more dynamic song experience for the listener.  See I like to take the listener on a emotional musical ride, it's important for me to have transitions in my music, it doesn't have to sound the same on each track, but you should be able to use this approach on any genre of music production. I've listened to a lot of producers beats and the music is tight, the intro got me intrigued and then the beat drops and it never breaks down the track just stays in the same space, after a min or 2 I'm board with the loop, I can't get into it, so imagine a artist trying to write and perform to a boring track, it's hard, I know theres some talented writers out there, but lets not kid ourselves, all the great records have dope transitions and breaks, at least all the major hits!. So let me know what you think, by leaving a comment on my youtube video "Bxss M∆chine".  Do you have an approach to your production? Do you think you should take the listener on a journey? or does it even matter?  If you haven't subscribe to my youtube channel please do so today, I'll be uploading new content on the regular and go dumb on those like buttons. let me know what you think about my track "BxSS M∆CHINE" pronounced (Bass Machine).  Stay tuned! and Stay Producing! #TeamXLP



Instruments Used: 

 B GrandPiano 1. automated to pan (L&R)

TTD Synth automated to pan (L & R)

Concert Piano automated to pan (L &R)

note: automation consultant Ronald "Dj Ron" Ward

DDLT 808 Sub kick drum (pitched up & down)

Sd_Clapz_TSB Snare Drum (pitched Up & down) sequenced with the Matrix Analog Pattern Sequencer

SB_IR Riser

Closed hat_BSQ Hi Hat sequenced with the matrix analog Pattern sequencer

Sb_IRCT Riser


Effects Used:

Rv700 (Mk II Reverb)

The Echo (Warm Echo)

DDL - 1 (Digital Delay Line)

Synapse Fat Space (Digital Room Simulator)

Virtual SSL Mixing Console EQ & Compression


Announcer from was hired to record the drops & tag lines

additional vocals by Traci Robertson

Recorded, mixed & mastered by Donald XL Robertson for XLP at XLProductionz studio

final mix playback overseen by Steve Baird

Graphic Design by Donald XL Robertson (Adobe Photo shop CC)





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