I Moved!!!

Moving To Texas | Photo Credit: Me

What Up #TeamXLP, I know its been a minute since my last post, but I recently moved to Texas and it took a lot out of me to say the least.  You never think about how much stuff you have until you have to move, packing is no fun and the decision to get rid of stuff has to be the worst, because everything has some sentimental value. I rented a studio room in LA and I kept it pretty neat however, I filled up all the space I had access to with music equipment, clothes, computers, shoes, furniture & plants.  Now its time to move, I haven’t been in good health for a while, so I had to hire a moving company to help with the move and the price to move from state to state is really expensive, I didn’t think about my car, it has to go to,  do I sell it, do I keep it, what should I do?, I made the decision to call a few friends and ask for their advice and mostly every one said sell everything online and start fresh when you get to Texas.  That sounds good, but its not that easy, I’m a musician, I have a lot of  music equipment and it’s my bread and butter, I can’t replace this expensive gear, I wouldn’t get the value of it selling it online, so I decided to keep it all and pay the expense to move, ouch!!!. Here’s a few pictures of the moving process

IMG_7486            IMG_7482             IMG_7487IMG_7467                    IMG_7485                         IMG_7483

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