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Welcome to DonaldXLRobertson.com,  This is my first blog post, and what I wanted to do is share my knowledge and experience with other producers and musicians out there.  I’ll post 2 to 3 times a week just sharing tips and tricks I’ve learned over the years, hopefully something I share can help you in your journey as a producer in this industry.  A lot of times we get stuck in our own worlds and trapped in our one way of doing things, and what I’ve learned is that theres more than one way to do anything.  I worked on song arrangements for hours only to find out theres a better method, a faster way or a different approach altogether, so please come hang out check out the site, email me if you want to discuss your project and how my services can contribute to your vision.  I’m on social media you can follow me on Facebook (click here), twitter (click here), I always post on Instagram, get a peak at what I’m doing in the studio or at the house (click here) and most of all Subscribe to the XLP YouTube channel, I’ll be uploading Vlogs and exclusive content, and don’t forget to hit those like buttons like the pads on your Mpc. (click here)  Thanks for visiting my site, email me at Donald@xlproductionz.com let me know what you think and if your wanting me to discuss something specific that you need help with I’ll do my best to post it.  Stay tuned, and stay producing! #TeamXLP

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