Happy Thanksgiving #TeamXLP!


Happy Thanksgiving #TeamXLP!. On days like today, I usually spend time with family and friends, we talk about the good times, eat all that amazing home cooked food, (shot out to all the mothers, fathers and grandparents who set it off in the kitchen every Thanksgiving.) We play cards, listen to the classics on the radio.  Earth Wind & Fire, Frankie Beverly & Maze, Al Green, Stevie Wonder, Michael Jackson, the list goes on and on, and this got me to thinking about having, good mood based production during the holiday season. See as a music producer in this industry, I always wanted that big radio single, so I approached my production with an aggressiveness, it has to be a hit, and hit to me meant people dancing in the club, dj’s spinning the song in heavy rotation, well during the holidays you don’t need a club hit. I’m starting to think all I need is a happy feel good song to bring people together during the holidays.  Trends an fads come and go, what’s in this year, is out the next year, nothing feels like its made with quality anymore, so I feel like I’ve been sucked into creating these disposable tracks, listen once throw it away,on to the next. Its a trip how the classics are simply timeless, what was the driving force behind these artist and musicians? I think it was love, family, friends,  the joy of being in love, living life to the fullest, so I encourage all my fellow producers to include some love into your production, we know how to create the gutter everyday sound with crazy production edits, but I’m curious to see if we can find a middle ground where we have balance. That’s it, it’s just a thought as I get ready to enjoy my time with the family and eat good food. I just wanted to check in, and put a thought on your mind about adding some love back into the mood of your music production. Lets produce classic feel good music again, I believe we can. You already know, if you haven’t subscribed to my youtube channel please do that today, and go Turkey drumsticks on those like buttons in celebration of Thanksgiving. I’m on social media, you can follow me on Facebook, twitter, SoundCloud, and Instagram. Stay tuned and stay producing! #TeamXLP



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