I’m from New Orleans Louisiana, and I love music and music production. I’ve always listened to the music my parents played around the house as a kid, they constantly played Soul, Jazz, Funk, R&b, Motown & Blues.  I still have that music collection today, literally! my record collection is pretty sick!  I’ve always understood how music should move, I could feel when the changes were coming, the verse to the chorus, the chorus to the bridge, the breakdowns etc…and I loved the big sound of it all. I  apply those same feelings and passion into the music I create today.  I love working with original artist its always exciting to see how far we’ll push the envelope.  I started producing records professionally in 1999 for No Limit Records and I caught on to the work flow really quick.  I’d produce 20 to 30 tracks a week, and 10 might get placed on albums scheduled to be released. I then wanted to learn all I could about mixing, mastering, packaging & distribution so I started reaching out to retailers, distributors, graphic companies to learn the music & distribution business, and after all those dues paid off I formed XLProductionz a New Media company design to fit the needs of artist today.  We’ve had a lot of growing pains over the years, however I’ve gotten the entire process down to a science.  I’m the guy you want on your team, I know the playbook and the game.  I base all my decisions around that feeling I get when I hear a record for the first time, I just know how its going to make an impact or not.  I focus on the music and that’s a formula I will never change.  Follow me on social media, Facebook, twitter, SoundCloud and subscribe to my YouTube channel! Go incredible Hulk and smash those like buttons.


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